Goalzero Yeti 400 Lithium


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The Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Portable Power Station is an renewed version of the Yeti 400. The device has a lithium battery (Li-ion NMC) and therefore weighs only 7.7 kg. The Yeti 400 Lithium is the most complete portable solar generator in its class. You can combine the Yeti 400 Lithium with a solar panel (80-120 W), like this you can create a strong, self-sufficient energy system, ideal to supply electronic devices with a capacity of up to 300 W.

The Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium has multiple outputs, from USB to 220 volts. Lamps, tools, coolers, lighting, laptops, smartphones and other devices can be supplied with energie with the advantages of a portable electrical outlet. With a generous battery capacity of 428 Wh, an average laptop can be charged up to 7 times. Obviously, the various outputs can be used simultaneously. The Yeti 400 Lithium works silently and fuel-free.

The Yeti 400 Lithium can be charged in different ways. Obviously it is no problem to charge it through a main outlet (in combination with the included charger). But the Yeti 400 Lithium can also be charged in combination with solar panels. In combination with solar panels, the Yeti 400 can be charged twice as fast than via a main outlet.

The Yeti 400 Lithium has a clear display at the front. Here you can keep an eye on the input and the output in Watts, Volts and Amps. The display also clearly indicates the charging status of the battery, along with a timer that can be used in different ways. To indicate how many hours or minutes it takes to fully charge the battery, or for how long the Yeti can still provide power to the connected device. You can set this accurately with the convenient buttons located above the display.

With the buttons next to the outputs, you can specifically turn on the output that you want to use to charge your devices at that time. Like this, there are no outputs unnecessarily switched on, if they are not used.

At the top of the Yeti 400 Lithium, there is a sturdy handle in a striking color. With this, you can grab the Yeti (also thanks to the low weight) very easily with one hand. Should the battery need to be replaced, it can be easily replaced. A big plus, because with this you are assured of portable power in the future.



Brand Goal Zero
Size 190 x 286 x 177 mm
Weight 7,4 kg
Material Plastic
Battery type Li-ion NMC
Battery capacity in Wh 428 Wh (10.8V, 39.6 Ah)
Battery capacity in mAh at 5 V
Output USB 3 x Female USB 2400 mA
Output DC 1 x Green, hexagon (6 mm): 12 V, 10 A (max. 120 W)
1 x Car Port: 12 V, 10 A (max. 120 W)
Output 220 V AC inverter (output, pure sine wave): 230 V AC 50Hz,
1,5A (300 W continuous, 1200 W surge max)
Input DC 1 x Charge Port 8 mm: 14 – 29 V, 10 A (max. 120 W)
Waterproof No
Overcharge protection Yes
Charge indicator Yes
Operating temperature 0°-40° C
Recharge time via AC 7 hrs.