Light-A- Life 360


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The Goal Zero Light-a-Life 350 is a versatile and energy-efficient lamp. A combination of clear and warm light in a convenient, retractable housing. Perfect for in the tent, garden, caravan or any other place you need light.

With the built-in magnets and the carabiner at the top, the Light-A-Life 350 can be easily mounted or transported. The part above the hood of the Light-A-Life can be removed from the device, so it is space-saving.
Up to 8 Light-a-Lifes can be linked together via the integrated cable.

The lamps have two different light modes. At the high setting (350 Lumen) the light is particularly warm and bright. If the Light-A-Life is set on the low setting (100 lumens), the light seems softer, ideal for in the caravan or tent.

The Goal Zero Light-a-Life 350 can be connected via the integrated cable to the Goal Zero Solar Power Packs and Generators. With a consumption of only 4.5 watts, the lamps are very efficient, which ensures a long operating time.

Operating time through the Goal Zero power banks:
– Sherpa 50 Power Pack: about 12 hours (highest setting), 60 pm (lowest setting)
– Sherpa 100 Power Pack: about 20 hours (highest), 100 hours (lowest)
– Yeti 150 Solar Generator: approximately 37 hours (highest), about 170 hours (lowest)
– Yeti 400 Solar Generator: approximately 88 hours (highest), 400 hours (lowest)
– Yeti 1250 Solar Generator: about 277 hours (highest setting), approx 1250 hrs (lowest)


Brand Goal Zero
Size Opened: 80 x 80 x 125 mm
Folded: 80 x 80 x 710 mm
Weight 264 grams
Material Plastic
Input 1 x Port 6 mm: 12 V / 0,4 A (max. 4,5 W)
Waterproof No
Light output 100 Lumens – 350 Lumens
Power consumption 1 W – 4.5 W