Light-A-Life Mini


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The Light-A-Life Mini is a bright USB light, the little brother of the successful Goal Zero Light-A-Life 350.

The Light-A-Life Mini is energy efficient and robust. Despite its compact size (approximately 4 x 6 cm), the lamp shines amazingly bright and warm with a brightness of 110 lumens. Perfect for the tent, caravan or garden and any other place that needs to be well-lit.

Just like the Light-A-Life 350, the Light-A-Life Mini also has a foldable housing with several convenient mounting options, among others, a strong carabiner hook. The Mini can be coupled to a second Light-a-Life Mini. This allows you to connect up to four lights via the USB port to another, for even more light output. Ideal to hang in the garden.

Thanks to the USB input, the Light-A-Life Mini connects to any universal power bank with USB output, such as the Goal Zero and Xtorm USB power banks. With the button on the top of the lamp you can turn it on and off. The Light-A-Life Mini is with a power consumption of only 1.9 W a lot more efficient than almost all its competitors.

A convenient and compact lamp, to illuminate even the darkest corner!


Brand Goal Zero