Lighthouse Mini


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The Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini is the little brother of the famous Goal Zero Lighthouse 250.

The Lighthouse is mainly known for its rugged, waterproof yet very stylish casing. All these features can be found in the Lighthouse Mini. The Lighthouse Mini is a powerful, energy-saving lamp in a compact size with a foldable stand. The device has a brightness of 210 lumens and shines bright and warm. The lamp even has different scenes, so you can set it up the way you like. Perfect for the tent, caravan, camping or in the garden.

Like the Lighthouse 250, the Lighthouse Mini also features a lamp as well as a charging function for USB devices. So you can easily charge a smartphone or other USB device without an electrical outlet nearby with this compact Lighthouse. With the battery capacity of 3000 mAh (11 Wh), the Lighthouse Mini can charge an average smartphone approximately one and a half times.

The Lighthouse Mini itself can be charged in different ways, for example via the mains or via a USB solar panel (Goal Zero Nomad 7, Xtorm SolarBooster AP175 etc.). Unique is the fact that the battery in the Lighthouse Mini is easily replaceable. As a result, the lifetime of the device is even longer. You can also always take an extra battery, so you have even more battery capacity available.

All in all, a high performance, compact lantern, shining warm and bright, with a sleek housing in pocket size. Ideal, even if you have less space available.

Operating time:
One illuminated side: +500 hours (low) and 7 hours (high)
Illuminated both sides: +400 hours (low) and 4 hours (high)


Brand Goal Zero
Size 74 x 74 x 106 mm
Weight 227 grams
Material Plastic
Battery type Li-NMC
Battery capacity in Wh 11,1 Wh
Input USB 5V, 1000mA (5W max)
Recharge time via solar panel Through Goal Zero Nomad 7: 4 – 5 hours
Through Xtorm AP150: 4 – 5 hours
Recharge time via USB 3 – 4 hrs.
Waterproof Yes
Overcharge protection Yes
Light output max. 210 lumens