Nomad 100

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The Goal Zero Nomad 100 Solar Panel is a foldable solar panel of Goal Zero, the ultimate solution for the real adventurer. With the power of 100 watts, the Nomad 100 generates per day +/- 200 Wh. This energy can be stored in the Goal Zero power packs or portable power stations. The Nomad 100 has a handy design and can be folded so that it is easy to carry.

The Nomad 100 panel has a DC 8mm (14 – 22 V) output. The Nomad 100 is packed in a convenient and functional housing of less than 5 kg. This allows the solar panel to an ultimate partner for almost any outdoor situation. Naturally this is also solar Goal Zero watertight. This makes it no problem to put in a boat or for example in the grass the panel, even in rainy conditions.


Brand Goal Zero
Size Opened: 520 x 1511 x 25 mm
Folded: 520 x 394 x 50 mm
Weight 4600 grams
Material Plastic
Power 100 Watts
Solar cells Monocrystalline
Output DC Solar Port, 8 mm 14-22 V / 8000 mA (max. 100 W)
Waterproof Yes
Chainable Yes, max. 4 solar panels