Road Shower 4 Portable Shower

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Road Shower 4 Portable Shower

Road Shower is like adding plumbing to your vehicle rack.


Tank Dimensions: 1400 x 190 x 145mm
Slot Channel is 55″ long and the mounting bolts can be moved over this entire length.
Holds 26 litres of water. 7.5 litres of air space.
Empty Weight: 11.3kg. Full weight: 35kg.
Boxed weight: 13.6kg. Box size: 254 x 304 x 1625mm
Powder Coated Aluminum 4mm thick walls.
Pressure relief valves opens at 55-75 PSI.
Hose length is 1.4m
Mounting carriage bolts 5/16″ and use a 5/16 nut. Nylock nuts included. 13 mm wrench needed.
Elbow is 1/2″ x male GHT bib cock.
Female hose end is GHT thread. Male hose end is GHT.
Hose is 5/8″ ID food grade hose such as used in the brewing industry, with brass GHT ends.
Intake air valve is 1/4″ NPT thread to tank with Shrader valve.
Option to add an outlet or shower head on non-hose end.
Locking loop to secure the Road Shower 4 to your rack.
Side slot so it can be mounted from the side of a roof top basket.


Why Choose the Road Shower 4 Portable Shower?

Road Shower is like adding plumbing to your vehicle rack. With the Road Shower you can have instant and easy access to pressurized water wherever you go without the hassle of propane, pumps, or long set up times.