Imagine sandy feet, dirty paws, and mud-splattered bikes becoming mere memories with the Road Shower by your side – your ultimate companion for pressurized water convenience, even in the remotest of locations. Its steadfast attachment to your vehicle or trailer grants you the freedom to explore without constraints.

While you immerse yourself in outdoor fun, let the sun work its magic, heating the water within the tank. With a quick glance at the thermometer, indulge in a sun-powered hot shower or effortlessly clean campsite dishes. Available in two sizes – Small (15 liters) and Medium (26 liters) – there’s a perfect fit for your needs.

Crafted with a patented design boasting welded aluminium construction and a durable powder coat finish, the Road Shower stands strong against the elements. Filling it up is a breeze thanks to the large top-cap, and pressurizing is equally effortless – whether through the Schrader air valve or a garden hose. Utilize a hand or electric pump, with a built-in pressure relief valve ensuring safety by automatically capping pressure at 55 psi.

Convenience reaches new heights with the included garden hose adapter, enabling simultaneous filling and pressurizing using your home water spout’s pressure. Plus, keep track of water temperature with the stick-on thermometer strip, ensuring comfort during your outdoor adventures.

Equipped with two outlet water ports for easy access, both the Small and Medium Road Shower come with a 140 cm hose for added convenience. Security is paramount, with the Road Shower locking securely to your roof rack using included SKS Locks, while its stainless steel universal mounting hardware ensures compatibility with Yakima® crossbars and most other roof racks.

With a 1-year Limited Warranty, the Road Shower offers peace of mind for your outdoor excursions. Weighing 24 kg and 38 kg respectively when filled, the Road Shower Small and Medium models provide ample water for your journey, allowing you to venture forth confidently into the wilderness, fully equipped with pressurized water at your fingertips.

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